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Eric Janszen, author of "The Postcatastrophe Economy: Rebuilding America and Avoiding the Next Bubble"
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September 12, 2010: Wall Street Shuffle

Interview with Dan and Danny (podcast)

Septemebr 9, 2010: Wall Street Journal

New Portfolio Shaped By Vision of Upheaval

Twin Focus Capital Partners is turning a vision of fundamental economic upheaval into an investment vehicle.

The multifamily office’s Postcatastrophe Economy Portfolio is meant to capitalize on a traumatic shift from dependence on debt and foreign oil to a new system based on the development of transportation, energy and communications infrastructure.

The managed account is “a way to make a portfolio forward-looking,” said Twin Focus managing partner Paul Karger. Equally, he added, it provides a means for play-it-safe investors to add risk to predominantly conservative investment programs.

The Postcatastrophe portfolio reflects the macroeconomic views of Eric Janszen, a serial entrepreneur and economic adviser to Twin Focus since its inception in 2006.

September 8, 2010: NECN

Eric Janszen on rebuilding the economy

(NECN) - Persistently high unemployment, eroding confidence, a lagging stockmarket, all despite hundreds of billions in stimulus programs, and bullions more to keep some companies from failing.

Kick-starting the economy is the talk of Wall Street and Main Street.

The founder of financial analysis company says you don't do it by repeating mistakes of the past. Eric Janszen has a new book, "The Postcatastrophe Economy: Rebuilding America and avoiding the next bubble".

September 2, 2010: Harvard Business Review

Are These the Economy's Good Old Days?

Five years from now, will we look back on the dismal unemployment that we're suffering on Labor Day 2010 and see this year as the good old days?

August 24, 2010: Reuters

Transforming the FIRE Economy

What went wrong and where we should go are topical post-crisis discussions and many books have been dedicated to tackle this question.

Eric Janszen, U.S.-based economic analyst, is the latest in analysing the crisis and its aftermath. He thinks that the problems of the global economy are rooted in the flaws of the debt-driven FIRE Economy (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) and the only way out of the crisis is to change the fundamental approach.

June 14, 2010: Eric Janszen on VoiceAmerica ZOOM'd Leadership

Eric Janszen, founder and president of iTulip, Inc. and distinguished author, speaker, commentator, and forecaster of major economic and market trends, joins ZOOM’D for a rich and stimulating examination of what’s wrong with the economy—and how we need to fix it. Eric introduces the subject of his upcoming book The Post-Catastrophe Economy and points out the major challenges we face in the era of volatility that will characterize our future.

BNN "The Close": Everyone is Wrong, Again

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The Next Big U.S. Bubble: Janszen on CNBC

 Forecast Review: Green Energy and the Stock Market

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Eric interview on Marketplace, American Public Media

America needs modern industries - In the most recent issue of Harper's, Eric Janszen, founder of, calls for a broad re-industrialization of the American  economy. Kai Ryssdal talks with him about putting strength back into the country.

Eric interview on Rachel Maddow Show (radio), Air America Radio
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