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Eric Janszen, author of "The Postcatastrophe Economy: Rebuilding America and Avoiding the Next Bubble"

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The Post-Catastrophe Economy: Rebuilding America And Avoiding The Next Bubble [Hardcover] Portfolio, September 2, 2010

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A prescient economic analyst predicts the next economic iceberg and explains how all of us can steer clear.  The Great Recession was just the beginning, according to sought-after analyst Eric Janszen; if we remain on the current course, an even bigger catastrophe is imminent. Inclined to disbelieve him? He predicted the last two busts well before they happened.

Our problems, according to Janszen, are rooted in the flaws of the debt-driven FIRE economy (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate), which dwarfs, and is coming close to extinguishing, America's "Productive Economy"-the making and selling of real things. The government's tried-and-true methods of currency depreciation, tax and interest rate cuts, and fiscal stimulus won't cut it this time around. The only way out is to change our fundamental approach.

The solution? Use private and public monies to develop major, for-profit infrastructure projects in transportation, energy, and communications. These projects will spark employment and growth, reduce America's dependence on foreign energy and our foreign debt, and improve the efficiency of the economy for decades to come.

With a startling grasp of the complex factors at play, Janszen cuts through the rhetoric to get at the heart of our recent financial woes. This thought- provoking book shows how political failures have impeded our country's economic progress and offers solutions for a more sustainable and stable economic future.

Brief Biography
Eric Janszen has over 20 years of experience as a product management and sales executive in the high technology industry. CEO of two venture-backed companies. Managing Director of a seed stage investment firm that enjoyed six liquidity events, including two IPOS and four sales to Cisco, Microsoft, Nortel, and EMC. Founder of in 1998, and President of iTulip, Inc. since 2006. Author of "The Postcatastrophe Economy" in 2010, Harper's Magazine cover "The Next Bubble" in 2008, and co-author of "America's Bubble Economy" in 2007, and frequent writer for the Harvard Business Review. Speaker at a range of investor conferences from MIT and Standford to Hard Assets NYC and Las Vegas. Interviewed on national shows including NPR and CNBC, and quoted in numerous publications internationally. University of Massachusetts, Amherst Eleanor Bateman Alumni Scholar in 2010. Serves on several Advisory Boards including Twin Focus Capital Partners and on the Board of Directors of Article One Partners. (more..)

Advance Praise:
"Janszen's done it again! Recent books on investing rehash the drama of Wall Street's mega-meltdown, shadowy derivatives, subprime mortgages scam, and too- big-to-fail banks. But that's old news. The Great Recession is over. Investors need to know what's next, and how to invest successfully for the future." 
-Paul B. Farrell, columnist and author of The Lazy Person's Guide to Investing

"Eric Janszen has written a powerful and important book about how we can build an American economy in which 'finance once again serves the productive economy instead of rules it.' He describes the job-creating industries of the next ten years and what we have to do to make them thrive."
-Former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley

"There are many who offer a view of what is going to happen to the economy in the future, but few that do so with a strong foundation in financial history and even fewer that have a track record of being correct. Janszen's book is a must- read for any serious investor."
-Weston M. Hicks, President and CEO, Alleghany Corporation 

"Janszen provides an unmatched and essential perspective on the financial system's complexities and offers long-term solutions for today's challenges. It's our job to prudently align large pools of capital with secular trends; we have come across no better roadmap than The Postcatastrophe Economy"
-Paul & Wesley Karger, Managing Partners, TwinFocus Capital Partners

"An outstanding read. Eric Janszen's prescription for a more fundamentally sound energy policy is especially perceptive. Janszen's book addresses not only what needs to be done, but the proper roles of government and private interests in securing the real transformative change our economy needs."
-Joe Petrowski, CEO, Gulf Oil

"Can America's economic potential be reached in the face of the debt deflation that Janszen describes? This book describes the financial lobbying and political interests that need to be dismantled for the economy to revive." 
-Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City 

"We need to know where we will be when we get out of this mess, and the Fed's combination of nostalgia, raw hope, and guesswork does not give much guidance. Eric Janszen, seeking scope and depth, contributes significantly to the next, necessary debate." 
-Martin Mayer, Brookings Institute Guest Scholar and author of The Fed and the Markets 

"Eric has written a book suggesting how we can avoid the worst consequences of our folly as Americans struggle to pay down debt in a damaged economy. If we follow his advice, we may find alternative energy resources and increase productivity in time to become self-sustaining before the United States creates a new financial crisis that will make the current one look like a business boom." 
-Janet Tavakoli, president, Tavakoli Structured Finance, and author of Dear Mr. Buffett 

"Eric Janszen reinforces the need to look for entrepreneurs to create new companies and new jobs, not to simply expect government economic policy to do so, and this is an all too rare perspective. Refreshing and cogent." 
-Bart Stuck, Managing Director of Signal Lake Venture Partners 

"Unlike the many 'told you so' books of the past year, Eric Janszen takes a hard look at the foundations of the Great Recession of 2009, explaining why gold prices rose, why the U.S. dollar is safer than we think, and why houses make terrible investments. And rather than suggesting another round of post-hoc regulation, Janszen points the way towards a sustainable future in infrastructure investment. Janszen has the goods." 
-Scott Reynolds Nelson, Legum Professor of History, College of William & Mary, author of Crash: An Uncommon History of America's Financial Disasters 

"Eric Janszen gives us an eloquent and straightforward analysis of the serious challenges that face the United States today, and a prescription for how America can return to a position of greatness from an author who is optimistic and confident of the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of the American people." 
-Jim Goldinger, Founder, Fairhaven Capital Partners

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